The Mother In Our Afghan Food Dynasty.

About Parwana

Zelmai and Farida Ayubi migrated from Afghanistan with their young family in 1987 at the height of the Cold War.

When Parwana opened its doors in 2009, the vision was to share with Adelaide an authentic piece of the Afghanistan the family had left behind – a country rich in culture, spirit and history.

Chef, Farida, infuses into her cooking the influences of the Afghanistan which she knew. Memories of gregariousness, generosity and endless hospitality are blended into the food prepared at Parwana.

As a small child, Farida would watch on as her family’s chef prepared heaped platters of long grain rices, decorated with jewel-like toppings. She learnt how to intricately fold assortments of traditional dumplings, and to season sauces to perfection. She absorbed the secrets to the unique blend of spices used to delicately flavour the meat dishes.

At Parwana we believe that even loss and suffering can forge beauty and generosity. It is in this spirit that diners at Parwana are welcomed like guests into a home, and treated to the culinary pleasures of age-old secrets of genuine Afghan cooking, hinting at the glory of the country the family once knew.

In Afghanistan, meals are a ritual combining family, friends and culture. Our meals are best enjoyed shared, reflecting the spirit of copiousness and generosity.

Our BYO feeds the homeless