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Can’t get out of the office for too long, but still fancy some Parwana for lunch? Use this form to send us through your order and we’ll have it hot, steaming and ready for you to collect!

Kutchi Deli Parwana is a small family run business, so we might need a bit of time to get back to you to confirm your order. Please wait for our phone call – then we’ll process your payment and you can enjoy your lunch!

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served with Afghan naan, salad and a herb chutney.

1. Chapli Kebab

Traditional Afghan lamb burger

$16   —  
2. Morgh Degee

Chicken pieces marinated in Afghan spices and yoghurt

$16   —  


served on rice with carrots and sultanas, and housemade pickles.

3. Dahl

Traditionally seasoned lentil curry

$15   —  
4. Banjan Borani

A signature dish. Eggplant slices simmered in tomato sauce, served with a yoghurt sauce

$15   —  


delicious steamed and fried dumplings

5. Mantu

Steamed dumplings, stuffed with sauteed onion and carrot

$15   —  
(V)   —  
6. Ashak

Fried dumplings stuffed with chives

$15   —  
(V)   —  

Afghan Toasties

served in traditional Afghan flat bread with hommus, cheese and greens and filled with...

7. Chickpea Smash
$12   —  
8. Middle Eastern Salami
$13   —  
9. Lamb Kofta
$13   —  

Drinks & Extras

add extras to your order

10. Housemade Chai
$4   —  
11. Herb Chutney
$2   —  
12. Pickles
$3   —  
13. Salad
$4   —  

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Before proceessing the payment, we’ll need give you a quick call to confirm. Just incase.
If you don’t get a call within 15 minutes of submitting your order, call us!

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Have you got any instructions for us? No Yogurt? Questions about Gluten? Write it here and we’ll confirm over the phone before processing your payment!


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